From 23 to 26 October 2019 in Istanbul, in the exhibition center CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Cente,r will be held the first exhibition dedicated to equipment and machinery for processing marble and natural stone - Marble Tech Istanbul. The stone processing industry is the most important for the Turkish economy.

   A new mineral has been discovered by geochemists in a South African diamond. It turns out that ancient minerals are quite common in the form of inclusions in these precious stones. Therefore, diamonds can be called a kind of "time capsule", capable of preserving, thanks to its exceptional structure, individual inclusions up to billions of years. Such diamonds are not so highly valued among jewelers, but cause the highest interest of scientists around the world.
  After a special geo-thermobarometric analysis, the new mineral was named "Goldschmidtite" (goldschmidtite), - in honor of the famous chemist and geophysicist, one of the founders of Geochemistry, Victor Moritz Goldschmidt.
   Scientists have found that a tiny, (only 100 micrometers) dark green mineral was formed at a depth of 170 m below The earth's surface.

Dear industry Colleague,

Don't miss this great opportunity to grow yourbusiness in Russia, one of the world largest markets for natural stone and stone products,
be sure to secure your space at STONE-INDUSTRY-2020 - the leading in Russia and Eastern Europe exhibitionfor natural stone and related machinery, equipment and technologies (Moscow, VDNKH fairground, Hall № 75,  June 23- 26, 2020).

For the last 20 years STONE-INDUSTRYhas been providing the influential meeting platform for companies from Russia and abroad that work in the field of natural stone and their clients.

In 2019280 companies from 18 countries - Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Germany, India, Iran, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, San Marino, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic -  exhibited at the area exceeding 7 000 m2.Over7 000 professionals from 43 countries visited the exhibition.

Visitor target groups - professionals in stone, tools, accessories, chemical products, machinery and services for the stone industries, professionals and decision makers in construction and contract companies, architects, interior, exterior and landscape designers, restorers etc.

- Non-equipped space  – 222  euro (1m2)
- Standard equipped space  – 298 euro (1 m2)
- Registration fee  – 330 euro

More information is available at www.en.stonefair.ru

Looking forward to seeing you at STONE INDUSTRY-2020!

Contacts: Tel. +7 495 783-06-23, +7 499 181-41-26

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Shale is a widespread rock with a special, layered structure consisting of parallel arranged, pressed together various minerals. The origin of the rock is associated with active centuries-old processes in the thickness of the earth's crust or at the bottom of the seas (the impact of temperature, pressure, water and gas solutions). Most of the oil shale mined nowadays is more than 300 million years old!

We present a list of upcoming international specialized exhibitions on the tool used in stone mining and stone processing. Our company will take an active part in most of these events. We invite to cooperation of all interested in establishment of new business contacts and development of new markets.

Currently, digital technology allows to track the path of natural stone, from its deposits and production to marketplace. This process can be carried out through a special platform created on the basis of the Blockchain. At the moment, blockchain technology is already actively used in the industry of precious stones.

Natural marble is a metamorphic rock (i.e. formed as a result of limestone metamorphism) consisting mainly of calcite with admixtures of other minerals and organic compounds.

Granite is one of the most common rocks on earth.

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A new exhibition pavilion, the Serpentine Pavilion, opened in London's Hyde Park. Its author is a young Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, who is an adherent of harmony between man and nature. Indeed, his slate creation resembles a hill of stones, which grew right on the lawn of the famous Park.

Natural stones are so beautiful that people since ancient times made all sorts of crafts from them. In our time, stone products are presented in great abundance.

Marble is not only beautiful, but also durable stone. Nevertheless, marble surfaces require some care.

What is the image of natural stone in the eyes of architects, what do they like or dislike in this material? Anyone who works in the stone market, is engaged in its sale or processing, can answer these questions, based on their personal experience.

In most regions of our country there are companies specializing in the extraction and processing of granite. I want to offer to Your attention a directory of the 500 companies provided by our partner, the advertising-information portal "Marketing Soyuz" (msouz.ru). We aim to continue to develop its database of market participants stone, and invite everyone to cooperate!

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We present a list of international exhibitions on stone processing for 2020. Our company will take an active part in most of the events. We invite to cooperation companies interested in establishing new business contacts, promotion to new markets.

GK "GranitInvest" is one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of granite products in Russia. Dozens of cities have adopted a new look, thousands of meters of roads have been made thanks to our products that meet the highest quality standards.

In 2020 and a few days this year, we received the consent to participate in such an important event for all colleagues from the permanent participants of the exhibition, members Of the Association "center of Stone", from foreign participants, and from new, unfamiliar to us, companies from Russia.

The TK GP group of companies is the enterprise with 20-year history, year after year increasing the influence in the Russian market of processing of a natural stone.

We present a list of sites of companies working in the field of MINING, PROCESSING of ONYX. This small sample provided by our partner – company "Marketing Soyuz" (www.msouz.ru), who works in the field of industrial marketing. Our site continues to develop a database of participants in the market of stone and invites everyone to actively participate!